Common parts across motorcycles.

From a manufacturers point of view it’s not only wise and prudent to use common parts across models for an environmentally sustainable perspective but also for keeping manufacturing costs low, procurement times low and inventory levels manageable.

A positive side affect of this practice for anyone restoring a motorcycle is that you have a greater chance of finding that part because of it’s greater availability across different models, years and sometimes brands. The challenge however is knowing what part will fit and this is where the parts books come in handy.

I would suggest anyone to get a ‘original’ parts book where possible, there’s nothing better to have in the workshop. Google will provide some (not all) of these manuals in PDF format if you simply search, it’s public. I can’t condone copying of these manuals, however I can understand why this happens when they go out of print and become unobtainable.

page from a parts list page

For project 32 the following list will help with anyone embarking on a WO/WL 350/250cc restoration.

  • Headstock cup/cone both upper and lower. Same part as a 1937 Triumph. 1/4″ 20 ball bearings. 3/16″ 24 ball bearings.
  • Rear grab handles either side of the rear mudguard. Similar part as a 1951 3T Triumph, requires to be cut/welded after a small section removed centrally as they are wider centre / centre on the 3T.
  • Kickstart lever. Same as 1932 XO 147cc model