Cambridge based motorcycles company with a new model, the Brute 500.

Humbly, a great title to the post I think and an equally good book if you’ve not read it. However, that’s not the content for this post and perhaps another. This is about a ‘new to me’ British manufacturer of motorcycles in England, Cambridge to be precise.

We are short of British manufacturers, (why? another book), but are seeing a real resurgence in this area. Bigger businesses like Triumph doing really well and with this opening up opportunities for small business not only to delivering whole motorcycles fitting a different niche / price point but custom motorcycles, parts and clothing too.

With Triumph being a key manufacturer delivering motorcycles for many many years, releasing great bikes like the new Trident, Bobber and Bonnevilles we also have Norton coming back from the recent ashes and now in better hands it seems, CCM with their unique and very nicely styles line up and of course Royal Enfield doing so much more in this country.

New (ish) kid on the block?

Now we have more from the Herald Motor Company (social) too, and to me this sounds great.

British Herald Motor Company logo on black background.

So why post this? We’ll I’m all for anything British and made here and it looks like the new ‘Brute’ 500cc motorcycle has the majority of it engineering, parts and assembly carried out here. There is one exception, the engine but I’ll let that be explained in a useful video below from TMF.

An OTR price of £6,950 seems a little high perhaps but it’s different to a Royal Enfield starting at £4,095 for the 350cc single models, at the other end you have a Triumph Trident 660cc starting at £7,595 but again very different.

There will obviously be pro/cons to all three bikes and as a smaller business Herald will not have the economies of scale the others do. To grow the need support from you and me, so hence the post to give more visibility.