Using software and technology to preserve historic motorcycles.

There’s no Discovery History channel for old motorcycles, neither is there Time Team with Tony and the team working out the what, why and who. So much seems to be lost in time for veteran and vintage motorcycles; B minus, preservation could be better!

Of course, books, museums, clubs and social groups exist which is a great help, but the challenge still exists when you don’t have the parts you need, the go to groups are not helping and no museum seems to have your particular model.

When you find that elusive part, that hard to find oil tank, set of forks, bolt, engine plate, whatever it is you fix it up, fit it and move on. So how does this help? well it helps you, but not others.

With Project 32 I wan’t to start to change this and work towards a preservation focused approach.

Preservation approach

Recently I’ve been using Autodesk Fusion 360 (paid, although there is a free version) with quite some success, to model and design items for manufacturing as well as prototyping. Having some working history and experience in 2D CAD, 3D I found was not as straight forward but quite a step up.

With several months under my belt using Fusion, I feel it’s within my ability to model up the 1932 parts to a level where they could be used to make a replica and hence preserve it historically for others.

For many of the parts I can use a simple micrometer approach to make physical measurements, but I’ll also introduce some additional software to help me, photogrammetry. Photogrammetry will help with items such as the frame, any panels, toolboxes, etc … as I can model directly upon the mesh the photogrammetry will produce, the mesh will be a use once item.



So, how’s it going? Well I’ve started with good all intensions, sharing the results here for those that might be interested. I’m not sharing my work at the moment, I would much prefer to make contacts through this process and not to be just a technical exercise.

Drawing IDDescriptionTri Part #
A4/SSC/1932/01Engine frame stud (long).
A4/SSC/1932/02Center stand spacer / bush.
A4/SSC/1932/03Centre stand shouldered nut.
A4/SSC/1932/04Centre stand stud.
A4/SSC/1932/05Engine to frame plate front.
A3/SSC/1932/06Tank gear change lever gate.
A4/SSC/1932/07Fork top nut.
A4/SSC/1932/08Right rear engine plate.
A4/SSC/1932/09Engine cover to frame knob.

If you have an interest in these drawings and the model of motorcycles then get in touch.