Ephox, spelling-not-configured error

Spelling services error

With CF12 the new Ephox RTE is now the default editor for IBMs Web Content Manager CMS.  Typically there should be nothing more to do other than use the RTE, however if you notice that the spell checking services are not working (spelling-not-configured, ephox-error error) then you should address this with one of two approaches.

Spelling error
Spelling service error

You may only see the error with Google Chrome and not Firefox, it would seem that GC handles the communication with the server differently.

The fix(es)

Edit the file application.conf located in the /opt/ephox directory to allow for CORS access to certain origins, for example:

origins = [" http://yoursite.domain.com","https://yoursite.domain.com","http://yoursite.domain:10039"]
url = " http://yoursite.domain.com/ephox-allowed-origins/cors"

Alternatively, within the WAS console of your server you can set specific Ephox settings for the servers JVM, for example:


Note:  All these configurations are referred in step 2 of the following link: